We are a lean team!

Our current team is  8 adults and three kids. Some of us are engaged in revenue-generating activities outside Sarang. Whatever spare time left is utilised for construction.

Naturally, the progress is very slow.   Skilled people in mud, bamboo and wood is expensive and we don’t get experts from local anymore.  Even if we get people from outside, there is no place for them to stay.


Currently, there is nothing to ‘see‘.

You can interact with us and get a tour around the campus to see the regeneration activities in place.

If you are here to see the school, we request you to wait until we are ready.

We are keeping aside the first and last Sundays of every month for the keen visitors who want to interact with us. Please get in touch with us using the form below and make plans only after confirmation from us.


Fill this form to visit.