Margurite and Emily

A palmtop projector

Margurite and her daughter from North Carolina, US  stayed with us for a few weeks. Margurite is a born teacher. Naturally she mingled with the children as if she is one among them. Apart from teaching the kids English through various games and all she gifted a pocket projector for Sarang! It’s an amazing gift since we use computers for many of our classes. Now it is easier for us to show the DNA model or youtube videos to the children and others.

Emily gave some guitar lessons and left her Ukalele here for Indulekha and Arathy (her guitar students) to practice. She has also given us a number of meaningful photographs which shows our activities. You will see them soon in our gallery.


There have been many journalists and media persons who have help spread the word through articles, radio and TV programmes.

Organic Farmer’s Association India

In 2007, Sarang children were invited to travel to Maharashtra to attend the annual conference of Organic Farmer’s Association, India. They performed at the conference. They could also visit Sri Baba Amte at Anandwan.

The Organic Farmer’s Association India sponsored a fortnight long extensive study trip for the Sarang children to Rajasthan in 2008. OFAI has also supported Sarang by contributing towards settlement of debts.

Shivadas, Leela, Unnikrishnan & Indira

Mr. Shivadas and his wife, Leela, are caring for the Sarang campus in the absence of the Sarang family. They are involved in farming & dairy activities, harvesting products of the land and protecting the campus. Now they have been joined by Mr. Unnikrishnan and his wife, Indira. Both couple’s children study at Sarang.

Ani & Shirley

Mr. Ani, a businessman from Pathanamthitta, and his wife Shirley brought their two children to live at Sarang. Unfortunately they could not adapt to Sarang’s lifestyle and had to return though they enjoyed their stay. Mr. Ani gifted two bicycles and a pair of binoculars for the Sarang children and has set aside INR 50,000 to help Sarang in developing infrastructure at Attappady.

Perumethu Family

The Perumethu family, Pathanamthitta has been a great support through years of dire financial straits.

Perumethu Family

The Perumethu family, Pathanamthitta has been a great support through years of dire financial straits.

Laurence Fallot

Mrs. Laurence Fallot, French Kathakali artiste, sent the Sarang children a whole set of books and CDs for learning Piano.

Annamanada Baburaj

Mr. Annamannada Baburaj, acclaimed Carnatic vocal musician, taught the Sarang children Carnatic music for a year, refusing to take any fee.

Louba Schild

Ms Louba Schild has provided the Sarang children the opportunity to study various art forms at her institution, Vijnana Kalavedi in Aranmula, giving them a scholarship. She recently also  gifted about 1000 invaluable books to the Sarang children.