Learn with us

Taking inspiration from a  great cultural centre in southern Kerala which provided a wonderful platform for the exchange of global art & culture, we have decided to keep alive that concept in our own way.

Sarang invites  individuals interested in Indian culture, art forms, natural farming and simple environmental solutions to stay, learn and if possible, share expertise and knowledge with us.  Sarang is a small family, hence we accept only a minimum number of members into our family at a time.

What you can learn?

You can learn all the subjects that our children are learning from masters in the respective fields.

  • Art forms such as : Kathakali, Kalarippayattu, Karnatic Music, Mridangam, Mural Painting,  Tabla, Violin, Flute
  • Other skills such as: Wood carving and Cooking
  • Natural Farming
  • Eco-friendly living practices

What you can share?

  • Language
  • Original culture
  • Simple technology/solutions
  • Games
  • Recipes
  • Farming techniques
  • Art forms
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Fine arts and
  • Traditional remedies

Who are invited?

Anyone with a genuine  interest in any of the following:

  • Culture and art forms
  • Sustainable technologies
  • Alternative education or positive education
  • Natural farming or Organic farming
  • Environmental conservation
  • Gandhian principles
  • Being a creative partner or parent

What else is required to join us?

  • Ability to communicate in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi or English and (Coming soon. Our friends are still trying to get us speak  Spanish) Spanish. We will add more languages, as we learn more of them from you!
  • Ability to manage yourself. (Like bathing, laundry, walking, talking etc.)
  • Ability to respect our customs, manners and practices. This is very important. Otherwise we will find each other in a mess of hating each other.  One of our aims for this program is to build harmony among cultures. If you find someone smiling at you instead of saying welcome as rude, please re-think about joining us. Keralites are not used to saying thanks or welcome, but their beautiful smiles say it all.
  • Ability to dedicate yourself to the subject that you have chosen
  • Ability to avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs while you are with us. We have a very strong policy against them especially there are children in our family.
  • Ability to wear Indian dresses, which will cover you appropriately.
  • Ability to sleep on a mattress / sleeping bag on the floor. (You will have secure rooms whether you are in Attappady Sarang or otherwise) We try to use minimum furniture.

How to go about it?

Send us an e mail with the following details:

  • Full name and permanent address
  • Age, Nationality and mother tongue
  • Subject you would like to learn
  • A few words that will describe you
  • A few words about what made you interested in the subject
  • When you would like to come

To clear your doubts, you can chat with us (Beta) between 9.00 AM to 5.00PM Indian Standard Time. (We are our call center.  Emails are recommended. 🙂 )

Where is this place?

There are two campuses. Sarang Campus at Attappady is where our school is based. For easy access to good faculty for various art forms, we have Sarang Cultural Exchange Center at Pathirippala. For more details about the activities of this Center please visit www.culture.saranghills.org.

As of now, due to peak summer season (February – May), threat of fires and lack of infrastructure no courses are being offered at the Attappady campus. Rest of the months you are welcome to join us. However, volunteering opportunities are open all year round.