Ina Mondkar, coordinator of Hunar Ghar, an informal learning center in Rajasthan, visited us as part of her exploration of the curricula used in various alternative schools across India.

V Ramaswamy, friend, storyteller, singer, social worker, businessman; a bird of many-coloured feathers, visited us in August.

Jasmin’s Onam at Sarang
Jasmin, a student at the Center, celebrated Onam with us at the Hills. She thoroughly enjoyed being part of all the festivities.

Laetitia and Colin, volunteers who stayed at Sarang sent a solar charger for the mobile phone at the Hills.

Mr Joby, Chalakkudy, gifted a laptop to Sarang. A very apt gift and at the right time as we were in need of one for the Hills.

Chalakkudy Trip
The children spent a few good days in Chalakkudy just after Onam. They revisited many of their friends, teachers and many friendly families from their 3 years of living there. They also had the opportunity to study some folk songs related to Onam.

There’s a new student at Sarang School, 15 year old Jishnu from Kannur. He’s getting familier to the new surroundings and gradually joining in all the school’s activities. He has joined for Mridangam, Carnatic Vocal and Kathakali classes.

Solar Lighting System
The campus now has solar lighting system from ANERT. It lights up two rooms in the house now.